sabato 29 marzo 2014

Sex'N'Disease Drums Done!

Registrata la batteria con i S'N'D'!
Giornata di lavoro intenso ma anche di grande divertimento!;)

Ecco un po di dati tecnici:

Drums are tracked!
We worked hard but also had a lot of fun!;)

Here some technical data:


Kick Drum: Shure Beta 52, Beta 91 e Sub Kick                              

Snare: Heil pr 20 mic snare top, Shure beta 98 snare bottom down  

Toms: Sennheiser md 421

Hi-Hat: Akg c 451 b

Ride: Akg c 451 b

Cymbals: Akg c 451 eb

Overhead: Royer sf 12

Mono Room: Akg The Tube

Audio interface: Rme fireface Ufx
DAW: Pro Tools 9
Pre-amps: Rme : Hi Hat, Toms
                 Black Lion : Kick- Drum
                 Api 512: Snare
                 Apex 188 : everything else!

Now is time to fine tune'em in studio and make them HUGE!

Stay Tuned!

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